For kids, for St. Paul, for St. Paul's Kids!

Dear Delegates:

The DFL Convention is less than a week away! Thank you to all of my friends in the DFL community who have always stood by me and St. Paul's schools.

Our work is not done, and while you have supported me in the past, I get to ask you again - will you join me in making St. Paul schools even better?  Together, we have done many good things for our children, but I need your help to continue to be a voice on the St. Paul School Board for our values - and those of our community.

I have never been more convinced that ours is a voice that needs to be heard. I am focused on our children, and giving them the best chance to succeed. We must continue to collaborate with our leaders in the public and non-profit sectors, and ensure our schools are part of the overall solution so all of our kids can focus on their education. To do that, we need to make sure our teachers - the experts that are directly involved with our children every day - are heard as we continue our work to strengthen the schools.

But, most importantly, we must never give up on doing everything possible. I know we need a modern, technologically-savvy education for every kid.  And we need it in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for all.  I am still in this for the kids, will join me?

For three conventions, you have been with me.  For three elections, together we have carried our DFL value of education for all through Election Day.  Three times you have been with me as we work for St. Paul's kids.

Please talk with your DFL friends and family. To carry the DFL values through election day again this year, I will need your help - this Saturday, June 8 at the DFL Convention. Make sure you wear your Brodrick buttons or t-shirts; talk with your neighbors and friends; and explain why you supported me in past - and why you will do so again.

Your friend,

"Join John Brodrick again - For kids, for Saint Paul, for Saint Paul's Kids!"