I stand with John

As DFLers, we know that our children are our future, and we know thatJohn Choi and John Brodrick we all win when St. Paul's kids have a quality education that prepares them, expands their minds and introduces them to new ideas and people.  John Brodrick is committed to making St. Paul's schools a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment in which children can grow, learn and become the best that they can be.

John is a unique voice for St. Paul's kids on the St. Paul School Board.  As a father, as a teacher, as a coach and as a school board member, John has a wealth of experience and he knows knows the strengths, and challenges, of our schools.  John speaks with experience, but he brings a point of view that recognizes that the students of today have many challenges that his daughters never faced.  It is this combination of experience, compassion and fresh-thinking that makes John a much needed voice on the St. Paul School Board.

Tomorrow, we decide who will, represent us next November.  John has carried our values before, and I believe we need him on the School Board again.  John Brodrick has stood with us, therefore, I stand with John - and I ask you to do the same.  Please support John Brodrick.

Your friend,

John Choi
Ramsey County Attorney