John Celebrates Pride of Stonewall DFL Endorsement!

Today, Del Jenkins, Stonewall DFL Caucus chair announced the endorsement of John Brodrick for the upcoming DFL endorsement for St. Paul Board of Education.

"As we get close to celebrating LGBTQ Pride month in Minnesota, we are proud of the work our many volunteers have done in the past six months to engage and evaluate candidates in the state’s two largest cities as well as in communities from around the metro area,” said Del Jenkins. “Our endorsed candidates all enter the month of June with resounding support from our caucus and the momentum of members of the LGBTQ community united behind them to support us in our ongoing fight for equality."

Celebrate St. Paul's PRIDE month by joining the Stonewall DFL, your neighbors and John at the DFL City Convention - June 17th at 9:30am.  For more information, visit the St. Paul DFL website.

Together, we can do great things for St. Paul.

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