John Brodrick - An Advocate For All of St. Paul

"Saint Paul Public Schools should always be, and have striven to be, friendly and welcoming places. Learning occurs best in an environment that is respectful and safe. As our city has been a destination for many individuals, I am proud that our schools have responded to the opportunity to make new connections, and have been successful enough that people have chosen to stay and to reunite other family members.

All of us, in Saint Paul and in our schools have benefitted from Saint Paul's immigrant community and tradition. Even those of us who are a generation or two removed from our own immigrant experience smile when we see graduation ceremonies, cultural events and hear proud parents and grandparents tell stories about their kids successes.

John Brodrick


School Board member and candidate for re-election"John Brodrick has been my friend and a friend to the Hmong American community literally from day one. He has been a part of St. Paul's educational progress and has been through a number of challenges with our immigrant community.   I strongly support keeping John Brodrick on the school board." - State Senator Foung Hawj

"John Brodrick has, as a teacher and a school board member, been an advocate for our community. As a teacher in Saint Paul, I have appreciated being able to speak directly to John about concerns that I have had.  More importantly, my trust has been respected and he has advocated for the issues that I have raised. Our community benefits from keeping John Brodrick on the board of education." - Chong Thao, graduate, teacher, parent of SPPS

"John Brodrick has been in Saint Paul and its schools his entire life - as a student, teacher, parent, coach and school board member. He is a lifelong Frogtown resident. John's life experience has made him a perfect fit for our schools, and more importantly for our community.  Its schools have been one of the reasons why our community has put down roots in Saint Paul. They have been welcoming, respectful and willing to adapt to meet the needs of our community. As a graduate of Saint Paul's public schools, I know that i was able to create a new life for myself because I felt prepared. John's leadership impacted me and many others - from all of Saint Paul's communities. He has shown that he can be courageous in challenging times. He has stood up for the rights of all families and students. We need to keep John's voice of experience, his compassion and his sense of virtue on the board. - Samakab Hussein

"I was among the early Hmong American student athletes in the Saint Paul Public Schools. As a current teacher and coach (boys and girls tennis at Harding, previously wrestling at Harding and Como Park), I have lived and benefited from the comprehensive school experience. I appreciate that John Brodrick has supported our communities transition from refugee/immigrant community to a community of full involvement - as students, parents, homeowners, business owners and to a large degree, the future of Saint Paul. Keep John Brodrick in the school board so he keeps working with us." - Koua Yang, Harding High School teacher and coach, Finalist 2016 Minnesota State Teacher of the Year

"John Brodrick has fought to keep Saint Paul's Public Schools from leaving any students behind. He is my friend and former colleague. I trust him. Please use one of your votes at the convention to keep John Brodrick on the school board." - Dr. Neal Thao, Former school board member

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