St. Paul's Leaders Join in Supporting John Brodrick

“As a career teacher, John understands that relationships between students and teachers are central to learning and that expectations go both ways. He is committed to ensuring our schools remain safe spaces to learn and that’s why I stand with John.” John Choi, Ramsey County Attorney

“During my time on the board, John Brodrick has been an invaluable source of leadership and knowledge. I know he will never stop fighting for our kids, and I am looking forward to working with him over the coming years.” Zuki Ellis, Vice Chair, St. Paul School Board

“John has spent a lifetime with the St. Paul schools – as a student, teacher, and school board member. His knowledge and experience are critically important as the new superintendent and SPPS chart a course for the future of our schools.” Ian Keith, Former SPFT President

“John has never forgotten his classroom teacher roots. As a SPPS teacher, parent and alumni, I appreciate that John remembers that our job is both challenging and rewarding. But when the challenges seem overwhelming, the rewards can be forgotten. John’s belief in me and all my teachers sustains me in difficult times. Keep John on the board.” Chong Thao, Teacher, Como Park Senior High

“As a teacher who has lived the refugee experience and, thanks to the support of family, community, Saint Paul and Minnesota, I have become successful. I appreciate the value that John Brodrick has added to our school district. I believe his first hand experience with the challenges of our students and their families is invaluable to the district as we respond to the instances of the past few years. I proudly support Mr. Brodrick.” Koua Yang, Harding High teacher 2016 Minnesota Teacher of the Year finalist

“John is a courageous advocate for Saint Paul kids and teachers, willing to ask hard questions and stand alone when necessary. As a veteran teacher and coach, John understands that it takes a full court press to help our students thrive and succeed.” Jane Prince, St. Paul City Council

“During tough times, John Brodrick takes tough positions. When parents and others are asking difficult questions, John was the board member who listened, and respected them. He listened and suggested answers to stop the slide, he will help as the district corrects itself. I strongly support keeping John Brodrick on the school board.” Rick Cardenas, Disabilities Activist

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